Private Yoga

From the comfort of your home.

If you cannot get to class, no problem. Practising yoga with Natalie in the comfort of your own home is a wonderful option. Natalie can fit around your schedule, helping to make yoga accessible for everyone, with the added benefit of a bespoke practise to suit your body and mind. You will find yourself deeper in your yoga practise and spiritual development with one to one guidance. Private yoga is of particular benefit to those with long term or chronic conditions, providing the attention that you deserve to optimise your body and help adopt a positive mindset.
Private yoga does not always mean one to one. Natalie teaches families of all generations, groups of friends and couples. All necessary equipment is provided, all you need is a space. Get in touch to enquire about your private practise.

Natalie has brought much needed tranquility, calmness and relaxation into my home. We are three generations of varying ability and her wisdom, knowledge, passion and awareness of yoga has ensured we all get the most out of every session. We cherish every class and her incredible compassion for our wellbeing