About Me

Natalie is a passionate Forrest Yoga Teacher as well as an experienced level 3 Personal Trainer. After discovering the power of being present in your body, along with mindful exercise and breathing techniques, Natalie decided to take the path of helping others to achieve this. She has a holistic view on life and believes that daily meditation is the key to balance hormones and manage anxiety. This practise is becoming ever more important as we are spending more time in busy, over stimulated states.
During her time as a personal trainer she started to notice the strong interaction between exercise and mental wellbeing so decided to explore this further. With pressure from society and the media to have the ‘perfect’ body, it is not surprising that most people are suffering from an overactive mind and the endless need to seek happiness and fulfilment through their appearance. Contrary to this the practise of Yoga helps us to learn to celebrate our bodies potential without judgement.

Natalie’s teaching style is authentic, she creates a safe space for students to begin their journey to inner peace.